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UV vertical tanning

We offer a vertical tanning unit with 42 180 Watt tubes for a lovely tan that occurs gradually through the stimulation and oxidation of melanin in the skin during controlled exposure to ultraviolet rays. You can even plug in your phone and listen to your favourite tunes and we offer accelerant products for you to choose from.

Vertical sunbed tanning controls your exposure by allowing you to tan at your own speed, giving you the perfect balance for developing a natural and healthy-looking tan.

There is some concern that sunbeds, or UV tanning, can be harmful, yet there is no conclusive evidence that tanning without burning is harmful. We require that a questionnaire is filled out by new customers so we can advise on the length of time each session should be.

Using a tanning salon allows you to tan in a controlled environment giving a good base tan to stop burning from natural sunlight prior to a holiday.

Recent medical evidence suggests that tanning can be an excellent source of vitamin D and has been recommended by some researchers and doctors as a substitute for sun during the winter, helping conditions such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

If you have any questions about our UV vertical tanning unit please just ask.

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